At Hagstrom Drilling we have made a strategic decision to develop the company’s greatest asset; our people.


Human Resources

The identification of suitably qualified staff that can enhance our highly skilled workforce to meet the significant demands of our ongoing and future projects and continue to build on our commitment to providing quality service safely to our clients is a major focus of the organisation.

The key to supporting our strategic focus of organisational growth is to attract the right staff with the right skills and work towards enhancing these skills to benefit both the individual and the organisation.

Business Culture

Hagstrom Drilling has been established on its motto of ‘Quality, Service, Safely’.  Quite simply the ‘Hagstrom Way’ is a culture that has been developed over many years and this culture is inherent in all activities of our business.   All staff are encouraged to embrace this culture upon commencing employment with us and we achieve this by:

  • A professional approach in our dealings with clients, suppliers, fellow employees and the general public;
  • A can do approach to meeting our client and project requirements with a high level of quality and safety;
  • A systematic approach to all activities within the organisation that has been developed and refined from years of experience;
  • A specified level by which we maintain and utilise our resources and equipment, and;
  • Respect for each other, for safety, and the environment.

Career Opportunities

Hagstrom Drilling continues to seek suitably qualified staff, primarily within the roles of Drillers and Driller Assistants.

For current vacancies, please go to our Working at Hagstrom page to find additional information on the roles and how to apply.


Hagstrom Drilling ensures that all new and existing staff are provided with the opportunity for advancement and given the appropriate support to enable them to develop their skills within their individual roles.

We do this by having a competency based internal training process for each position to allow our staff a structured career path within the business.  Aligned with this also, is the option for our staff to undertake nationally recognised external training in Drilling Operations to enhance their knowledge and skills.