Marine Equipment


For full detailed information on each of our rigs, please download the information sheets here:

Marsh Buggy

CarrierWetland 384-60-64-3c
Ground Pressure (kpa)10.3
Speed Land (km/hr)3.0
Speed Water (km/hr)1.0
Weight (kg)35,000
Dimensions W x L x H (m)5.850 x 11.75 x 4.3

Ocean Sampler

MakeOcean Sampler - Landing Barge
Dimensions W x L x D (m)4.3 x 12 x 0.6
Deck Load (T)6.0
Moon Pool (mm)800 x 800

Jack Up Barge RCP - 100

MakeRCP - 100 Ravenstein Container Pontoon
Dimensions W x L x D (m)17.08 x 19.5 x 2.44
Deck Load (T)250
Spud Length (m)28

Vibracore System

MakeQR Model 300 Vibracoring System
Depth Rating (m)250
Core LengthUp to 6.0m (Core diameter 76mm)

Under Water Video Camera

MakeSeaviewer - Sea Drop 950
Moon Pool (mm)475