Hagstrom Drilling Issues COVID-19 Advisory

Hagstrom Drilling Issues COVID-19 Advisory

Hagstrom Drilling Issues COVID-19 Advisory

With the rapidly increasing COVID-19 infection rate, government lockdown measures have resulted in many Hagstrom office-based employees working from home. With this, we would like to ensure our clients that it is ‘business as usual’ on our operations front with those remote personnel that are still being deployed observing proper health and safety protocols.


Hagstrom Drilling has implemented an action plan to support the continuity of our business operations whilst at the same time preserving the health and well-being of our workers and our subcontractors.


We will endeavor to provide regular and updated information dissemination from reputable sources to all our employees and Clients about COVID-19 including:


  • What can be done to reduce the likelihood of infection
  • The public health approach being taken
  • Information about annual leave, personal leave and sick leave
  • Information regarding work concerns and the potential impacts to Hagstrom Drilling
  • Where to find reliable information about the Covid-19 situation, support and advice
  • Information on social distancing


Other measures being carried out by the company include the following:


  • Emergency Response Plan in response to personnel developing the symptoms on site as well as the potential transmission through work
  • Educating the workforce on differentiating between the symptoms of cold/flu/COVID-19
  • Health and Hygiene posters displayed on all site’s Noticeboards
  • Access to anti-bacterial hand sanitiser and wipes on work sites
  • Ban on all non-essential travel, attendance at external events, training and conferences
  • Ban on non-essential subcontractors and visitors to sites
  • Distribution of a travel and health declaration form to essential subcontractors and visitors prior to attendance on site
  • Ban on delivery of non-work-related packages to sites
  • ‘No contact procedure’ for drop off and pick up of jobs or materials


Thank you all for your continued trust. We are one with the world in hoping and praying that this crisis will end soon. Be safe and stay healthy!


For any enquiries on our services for your next drilling project you can email us at info@hagstromdrilling.com.au.