Boondarie Stockyard Port Hedlands

Key Elements

Service: Geotechnical Drilling
Year: 2012
Client: BHP Billiton


Hagstrom Drilling were contracted by BHPBIO to undertake drilling, sampling and other aspects of fieldwork to support the provision of information for the proposed stock yards and iron ore handling facilities near Finucane Island, Port Hedland, Western Australia. 

This five month project involved sixteen of Hagstrom’s personnel and six subcontractors to complete the scope of work. 

Using a diverse range of plant and equipment; including 3 drill rigs, a Marsh Buggy configured with a Heliportable drill rig, a track mounted CPT and a skid mounted CPT, the site itself presented several challenges by being within a tidal area. 

Hagstrom Drilling worked closely with the client to ensure the flexibility and coordination of operating hours, staff availability and the synchronisation with the movements of the tides. 

Hagstrom Drilling deployed specialised Argo’s (all terrain vehicles) to transport personnel and clearing equipment to and from these difficult muddy locations. 

Once the access track was developed the Marsh Buggy, configured with the Heliportable drill rig and skid mounted CPT Rig, was able to traverse the track and perform the appropriate drilling and CPT actions. 

As with any project, the Marsh Buggy was prepared with equipment and consumables required for each shift to ensure maximum production and minimum downtime. 

The scope of this extensive project included clearing mangroves, drilling 81 bore holes (using PQ3 diamond with rotary mud flush and rock rollers), 257 cone penetration tests – with mostap sampling at five locations, seismic and dilatometer testing and more than 220 test pits.

During this project Hagstrom Drilling were recognised as the BHP/FAST JV “crew of the month” for February 2012. This award acknowledges and celebrates continuous improvement in production rates whilst ensuring a high focus on safety and 100% participation in an internal BHP training program.

Hagstrom Drilling take pride in their ability to meet high level contractual requirements, including, but not limited to; the development of initial working documents, establishing project scope, project prioritisation, monitoring progress, capturing variations, and ensuring the overall result of each project is executed according to specified client requirements, policies and objectives.