Forrestfield Airport Link (FAL)

Key Elements

Service: Geotechnical Drilling
Year: 2014

Hagstrom recently completed drilling for the Forrestfield Airport link Project. The primary activity was to investigate geotechnical properties from soil samples.

The samples were taken from the proposed site of a new rail line, linking Bayswater between Perth Airport and Forrestfield. Hagstrom has been working on many of the projects sites’ including the airside site.


The objectives of the Geotechnical Investigation were:

  • Undertake 1.5m hand auger prior to commencing drilling activities
  • To drill 19 boreholes
  • Log the soil profile found within each borehole
  • Installation of standpipe piezometers
  • To have the minimal environmental impact upon each site.

Hagstrom Drilling has been a leader in geotechnical and environmental drilling methods in Australia for over 20 years and was able to recommend different drilling techniques to achieve the best core recovery on each hole.

The drilling techniques and system’s used on the project included

  • DPP (Direct Push Probe)
  • Hollow Stem Auger
  • Rotary Mud Flushing 
  • PWT Casing Advancer System
  • PQ3 Push Tube


The experienced crew’s used a combination of these techniques to get as close as possible to 100% core recovery on each hole. Our drillers encountered the Ascot and Osbourne formations which they were familiar with from many other projects. They found that using 750mm/1000mm long U76 thin wall tubes often produced 100% recovery. After pushing the tubes for 1m, further hold advancement could be achieved using a PQ3 diamond coring. 

The overall success of this job was due to Hagstrom’s experience carrying out work on government infrastructure projects. The sound procedures in quality management, safety and operations ensured all holes were completed safely and in line with client requirements.