Iron Ore Holdings

Key Elements

Service: Geotechnical Drilling
Year: 2013


Hagstrom Drilling was engaged by Sinclair Knight Merz to conduct an offshore geotechnical investigation at Iron Ore Holdings proposed “Cape Preston East” port facility.  This programme was completed utilizing Hagstrom Drilling’s RCP 100 Jack up Barge (JUB) Driller 1 with Rig 5, a UDR100 Heli-portable drill rig. 

This marine spread was able to ensure JUB relocation and drilling operations accurate to within <5 metres from proposed borehole locations.  Hagstrom also supplied a dual purpose accommodation / tow vessel for the duration of the works to maximize onsite operational time.

150 metres of PQ3 diamond coring was conducted at numerous borehole locations within the proposed Jetty Alignment, Cyclone mooring and Transshipment route locations. Geology encountered consisted of sea bed sands and silts, and carbonate rock formations (such as calcarinite) and Basalt. 

Hagstrom drilling utilized Standard Penetration Testing to during the drilling process to obtain sample and information from the sea bed and underlying geological strata.   “Van Veen” grab sampling technique was utilized during the project to obtain uncontaminated sea bed environmental sample.

The location of the Marine development contained identified areas of sensitive Benthic Habitat such as Sparse Coral and dense Macro Algae. It was crucial to ensure that the drilling programme did not impact the identified areas. 

Hagstrom was able to upload these benthic Habitat locations into their Hemisphere DGPS to ensure they did not make contact with the sensitive sea bed areas during JUB relocation. Sensitive areas where clearly displayed on the Topcon Tesla digital handset utilized for borehole positioning.

Hagstrom also utilized their High Definition Sea Viewer underwater camera system to record video footage of the onsite sea bed formation whilst relocating the JUB between borehole locations.  This system provided “real time” vision of sea bed and marine life to the client representative onboard.  This video footage was then transferred to digital format onsite and submitted to the client within the same operational shift.

Hagstrom also assisted with the storage, transfer and dispatch of all core and environmental sample upon project completion.  

Hagstrom Drilling take pride in their ability to continually provide a quality service safely and adhere to their clients requirements. Accurate information was retrieved and processed within the anticipated timeframe and the project was a complete success.