Lucinda Bulk Sugar Loader Facility

Key Elements

Service: Geotechnical Drilling
Year: 2012


Hagstrom Drilling’s client, Abergeldie has been contracted to a fast track program of repair works to Queensland Sugar Limited’s 5 km long jetty and bulk sugar loader at Lucinda, 150 km north of Townsville.

The sugar loader was damaged earlier in the year by Cylcone Yasi, however it will be back in action by April 2012. Abergeldie was awarded the contract in September 2011, allowing just six months to get the jetty and loader up and running again before the next sugar harvesting season begins.

Nearly all of the works will be carried out at heights, over water, up to 5 km out to sea, and sometimes under water, demolishing and repairing unstable, damaged structures, services and equipment. Getting the job done to the high standards required and within the time allowed is a challenge Hagstrom are working hard to support.

Because the damaged jetty and loader structures are unstable, specialized marine access, work platform and lifting equipment will be used. The key element is the Hagstrom Drilling Sea Lift 4 jack-up barge, with a capacity of up to 250t, supported by four hydraulic “spud” legs.

Sea Lift 4 is providing a stable work platform above the high water level in depths up to 25 meters. After being delivered to Townsville by rail, in 26 standard semi-trailer loads, and assembled, Sealift 4 was sea towed to site at Lucinda. A 150t lattice jib crawler crane will work from the jack-up barge platform to assist facilitate the repairs.