Perth Rail Link

Key Elements

Service: Geotechnical Drilling, Water Drilling
Year: 2013

Hagstrom Drilling has been actively involved in one of the most significant projects within the Perth city area, namely the Perth City Link Rail Project. This work included the sinking of the Fremantle line from William to Lake/King streets and the construction of a new pedestrian underpass inside Perth Station.

Some drill sites were extremely tight for space, and often the work required was within the confines of existing buildings or in existing and new tunnels. Our range of man portable, truck and track mounted equipment ensured we could manage any site constraint.


The Perth Station building required a 10 meter HQ borehole to be drilled inside the building which was completed utilising our man portable drill rig. This drill rig was utilised due to height restrictions inside the building and was assembled inside the building over the borehole location, eliminating any issues associated with height and access.

Various boreholes were drilled around Perth Station and Horseshoe Bridge. These included TAM coring (HQ & PQ) and various recharge (100mm – 150mm) and monitoring wells (50mm) as requested by the client.

Some boreholes were located inside the rail tunnel and therefore were heavily restricted by height and rig access.

All wells were constructed and developed to obtain the relevant flow rates and information required by the client.

Falling head tests were conducted by the drill crew to obtain information relating to the permeability of the geology encountered on site. A small portion of CPT testing was conducted onsite at predrilled borehole locations.

Varying drilling methods have been utilised on this project including;

  • HQ3 coring
  • PQ3 coring
  • SPT & U63
  • Rotary mud flush (6” up to 8 ½” diameter)
  • Falling head test’s
  • Recharge well installations
  • Monitoring well installations (fully developed by airlifting and back flushing)


The success of this project is evident today, in Perth CBD along Wellington Street and the corner of William Street. The sunken Fremantle to Perth train line and pedestrian underpass at the new Perth Station are complete.  

The scope and nature of the work provided unique challenges. These were met by Hagstrom Drilling’s ability to adapt to different sites and their restrictions using a variety of different rig setups. Furthermore, our highly trained staff worked seamlessly with the Perth City Link Rail Alliance team to run the project within budget and time constraints.