Samsung C&T Roy Hill Project Onshore & Near Shore Drilling

Key Elements

Service: Geotechnical Drilling
Year: 2014


Hagstrom Drilling was engaged as project lead to complete a geotechnical onshore/intertidal and nearshore investigation for Samsung C&T on behalf of Roy Hill for the portside Roy Hill Iron Ore facility at the Boodarie stock yard location in Port Headland.
Hagstrom Drilling worked in combination with a geotechnical engineering company who completed the geotechnical program supervision and management of the Geophysics, Laboratory testing and report writing components of the project.

This programme was completed using a extensive range of Hagstrom Drilling equipment including the Marsh Buggy, RCP 100 Jack up Barge (JUB) Driller 1 with drill and CPT Rig, various track and truck mounted drilling and CPT rigs along with support vehicles such as water carts and Argo All-terrain vehicles. 

Onshore drilling
An initial Topographic survey was conducted over the site utilising a sub-contractor under management by Hagstrom personnel.  All borehole locations where marked out by Hagstrom using DGPS and stake points recorded on completion.
Utilisation of various track and truck mounted drill and CPT rigs to complete the following boreholes;

  • 110m H3 with SPT and U63 sampling.
  • 100m PQ3 and conducted Packer Test at 6m intervals.
  • 7 CPT tests to approx 20m depth.

Intertidal drilling
All borehole locations marked out by Hagstrom personnel using DGPS and stake points recorded on completion.

Due to environmental requirements a DGPS Interval tracking was used to track Marsh Buggy movements on site to provide a detailed foot print on completion of the job to confirm adherence to ground disturbance permits (GDP).  The Marsh Buggy worked in and around tides ranging from 0.0m – 2.0m and precise timing and scheduling was used to maximise drilling time and schedule the machine between boreholes.

 The work completed by the Marsh Buggy mounted with both a drill and CPT unit included;
16 boreholes using a HWT casing advancer to conduct SPT and U63 tests at 1.5m interval, every second BH required a permeability test, falling head tests were completed on completion of each of the boreholes.

  • 280m HQ3 with SPT and U63 Tests.
  • 30 CPT tests to 5m.

Near shore Drilling
For the nearshore activities a Bathometric survey was completed by an external subcontractor.
Hagstrom Drillings JUB barge Driller1 was utilised to complete the near shore works and Hedland Launch Services assisted with crew transfers and relocating the Driller 1 to position utilising the onboard DGPS.
The work completed by the JUB mounted with both a drill and CPT unit included

  • 7 BH’s to 40m total 280m drilled
  • 6 CPT (including drilling of casing to support CPT) to agreed target depths.

Hagstrom Drilling take pride in their ability to continually provide a quality service safely and adhere to their clients requirements. 

Hagstrom Drilling strengths include their ability to manage complex site activities and multiple supporting subcontractors whilst adhering to strict project and environmental requirements.

Accurate information was retrieved and processed within the anticipated timeframe and the project was a complete success.