Transfield Services Beadon Creek

Key Elements

Service: Geotechnical Drilling
Year: 2014


Hagstrom Drilling were engaged by Transfield Services for a geotechnical drilling project at Beadon Creek in Onslow for the proposed development and preliminary wharf design to facilitate the extension of the existing wharf facilities. 

The project scope consisted of twelve HQ3 boreholes with SPT testing, drilled to depths ranging from 3 – 18 meters below ground level.  The boreholes where located adjacent to Beadon Creek wharf in Onslow.  

Boreholes were drilled utilizing DR001 (GDR650) mounted on the Sealock barge.  

DR001 was removed from its normal carrier (truck mounted) temporarily for the duration of the project and secured onto the barge. 

Drilling operations were able to continue even when the barge was high and dry due to fluid circulation technique and the utilization of bulk fluid storage tanks on board the barge ensuring the project schedule was met.

The Sealock barge was relocated between boreholes using a work punt vessel. 

Accurate relocation was conducted through the use of Hagstrom’s DGPS system with borehole coordinates uploaded to ensure accuracy <5mtr of the proposed borehole location.

The ground conditions encountered consisted of seabed sediment & sands, clay, silt and sandstone. 
Hagstrom Drilling take pride in their ability to continually provide a quality service safely and adhere to their clients requirements, in any conditions.