Woogina Minesite

Key Elements

Service: Geotechnical Drilling
Year: 2012


Hagstrom Drilling were engaged by Coffey Mining to provide Geotechnical drilling services for a project at the Wodgina Minesite to provide data to assist with the designing of a crusher plant to sit on top of a existing tailings dam.

3” hollow stem augering to depths of 30m in the tailings dam was the method of drilling utilised alond with some HQ coring through filled rock wall on the outsides of the tailings dam down to depth of 35m.

 In addition some vibrating Piezometers and Shape Accel Arrays installations where completed to assist the client to monitor ground movement and water pressures. THese where installed using precise Cement Bentonite ratios to replicate soil conditions. 

The project was completed using our trailer mounted drill rig DR003.