Key Elements

Service: Environmental Drilling
Year: 2014

In June 2014, Hagstrom assisted with the completion of an environmental project located near Wundowie, Western Australia.

Hagstrom’s Geoprobe 7822D unit was mobilised for the project due to its low footprint and Direct Push Probe (DPP) technology.

It is a multi-purpose machine capable of environmental, geotechnical and soil sampling methods.


The project scope included:

  • 7 vertical boreholes to an average depth of 7 meters below the ground surface, through soil and clay.
  • Standard penetration tests (SPT) conducted every 1.5 meters.

Benefits of DPP

Direct Push Probing benefits geologists with its ability to achieve maximum recovery of soil samples. It also benefits the environment by having a smaller well diameter while causing fewer disturbances to the natural formation.

This technique also creates benefits for drilling operators by not producing cuttings that conventional methods do, such as augers. Time and labour costs are reduced by not having to dispose of multiple barrels of waste.


The well constructions were completed on time and to the clients’ specifications, who were also satisfied with the performance of the Geoprobe rig. The tracked unit is an ideal suit for environmental and construction sites in being able to operate on poor surface conditions and in confined spaces.