Environmental Drilling

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Environmental Drilling

Our core competency is providing affordable solutions for evaluating and resolving potential environmental risks at your project site.

Environmental drilling is most commonly used to identify the nature and extent of soil or groundwater contamination, ensure accurate sample integrity and eliminate cross- contamination between sampling locations.

At Hagstrom we guarantee clean, non- contaminated equipment, both above and below ground, at all stages of the project.

Our environmental drilling techniques and solutions include:

▶ Sonic Drilling

▶ Direct Push Probe Sampling (Macrocore and Dual Tube)

▶ 75 mm and 100mm hollow stem auger

▶ Monitoring well installation

▶ In-situ instrumentation installation

▶ Equipment decontamination.

▶ Vibracoring in nearshore environments

▶ Chemical injection for soil remediation

▶ Concrete Coring

▶ Non-Destructive Drilling

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