Environmental Drilling

“Hagstrom Drillings highly trained crew places emphasis on safety to do the job efficiently and economically while getting the results in adequate time while maintaining a track record of meeting complex challenges with innovative solutions”


Hagstrom Drilling offers a comprehensive range of environmental drilling services to determine contamination in both soil and groundwater. Our approach focuses on ensuring sample quality and eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination between sampling.  

We provide competitively priced solutions for evaluating and resolving environmental risks by providing the required data integrity.

Hagstrom is always open to new ideas and technology and ready to discuss your requirements no matter how challenging.


environmental drilling services

“Great to see an environmental contractor understand the site issues and install piezometers properly”  



Direct Push Sampling
  • Used to obtain continuous, undisturbed soil samples.
  • Comprises a cutting shoe, tube and catcher being pushed into the ground via machine.
  • Fast, simple and safe operation.
3” and 4” Hollow Stem Continuous Auger
  • Widely used for soil sampling, groundwater monitoring and/or temporary drill casing.
  • “Hollow” describes their ability for drill rods to pass through their centre, to take undisturbed samples for analysis or to install pipe for ground monitoring.
  • Auger cutter head and pilot bit break up ground material while auger ‘flights’ act as a screw to move dirt from the bottom of the hole.
Air Rotary Drilling with Monitoring Well
  • Steel and tungsten blades are used to bore a hole while compressed air is injected into the hole to remove drill cuttings.
  • Downhole percussion hammers can also be utilised.
  • 50mm PVC monitoring well can be installed at depths of up to 60 meters.
Symmetrix (Concentric Air Drilling)
  • A drilling system used to penetrate through overburden in diamond and well drilling.
  • Time and cost efficient system.
Non Destructive Digging NDD
  • Non-destructive vacuum excavation services.
  • Used to expose or excavate around underground services, such as electrical and communication cables, water, gas, storm water and sewerage pipe work.
  • Non-destructive method of digging ensures minimal risk of damage to buried assets, compared to mechanical excavators which can easily damage existing underground services.
  • Provides a risk-free means of safely exposing underground cables and pipes which often run in different directions at various depths.  
  • Vacuum units transfer the spoils directly into the spoils tank of the unit with no unsightly piles of dirt in the work area. 
  • No machinery tracking back and forth means minimal ground disturbance to the site surrounds, results in a minimal footprint on the work area and minimising access restrictions

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Concrete Coring
  • Quality concrete cutting and coring.
  • Small and Large projects.
  • 0-250mm Diameter coring.
  • up to 2 metres below ground level.
Equipment Decontamination
  • All equipment and machinery are cleaned before, during and after the operation to prevent contamination.
  • Only water and environmental grease used when required.
Groundwater Remediation Bores
  • A process used to treat contaminated water via a water bore.
  • Pollutants can be removed or converted into harmless products.
Vapour Sampling Bores
  • Environmental investigation method used to determine levels of contaminants in soils.
  • Drilling sample is taken from the bore.
Waste Management
  • Can assist with investigation waste management for water, soil and cuttings generated during drilling and sampling activities for purpose of investigation and potentially contaminant sites.
  • Can manage all waste minimise time and provide hassle free streamlined procedure.
  • Offer Mud recycling systems 
  • Vac Trailer can be used to recirculate and retained at each drill site in baffle tanks. 
  • Can provide storage intermediate bulk containers (IBC) for temporary storage of waste for the collection of waste to minimise cost. 
  • Hagstrom can arrange for Vac Trailers to assist with the disposal of waste.

The Hagstrom team’s commitment to safeguarding the environment is unrivalled in our industry.  

We respect the land, its owners, eco-sensitivities and cultural sites. We work hard to ensure that despite site challenges, any environmental impact is minimised in line with our own stringent environmental impact control and management policies and processes and those of our clients.

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