Geotechnical Drilling & CPT

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Geotechnical Drilling & CPT

Recovery of good quality soil and rock samples is crucial in geotechnical drilling and demands a high level of expertise, accuracy and precision. We offer comprehensive geotechnical coring, sampling and in-situ testing to ensure accurate, reliable and timely data acquisition. We also provide a full range of in-situ geotechnical instrumentation installation services, including vibrating wire piezometers, inclinometers and extensometers.

You have the Hagstrom guarantee that all data collected during drilling for critical decision making, design and budget consideration will be absolutely 100% accurate and relevant.

Our geotechnical drilling techniques and capabilities include:

▶ Diamond drilling NQ, HQ, PQ, large diameter S-Geobor, NMLC

▶ Conventional Diamond Drilling (NMLC)

▶ Mud rotary drilling

▶ Sonic drilling

▶ Heliportable rig drilling for traditionally inaccessible areas

▶ Hollow flight and solid stem augers

▶ Overburden drilling

▶ Overwater (nearshore marine, intertidal, rivers and lakes) jack-up and spud barge drilling

▶ Insitu sampling and testing

▶ Packer Testing (Single and Straddle)

▶ U-tube sampling

▶ Vibracoring



Hagstrom Drilling offers Cone Penetration Testing (CPT) as a stand-alone service or as a useful add on with our drilling services.


Our track, truck, Heliportable and skid based CPT rigs are unique as they can access more rugged terrain, significantly reduce environmental impact, are very maneuverable and require a negligible working footprint.


Our all-inclusive CPT Services include:
▶ Mechanical, CPT, CPTU, Seismic Cone Testing and piezometer installation,

▶ Water sampling,

▶ Marchetti DMT Dilatometer and Seismic Dilatometer SDMT Testing used with an automatic shear wave generator to ensure accuracy and repeatability Mostap 35 (1.5m) soil sampler for non-contaminated plumes and 35ps (0.5m) soil sampler for contaminated plumes, 

▶ Environmental cone that measures pH, redox potential and temperature, providing information about the composition and permeability of distinct soil layers, and

▶ Highly experienced in marine and intertidal CPT operations.

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